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Bud or Flower is available in many strains, both THC and CBD dominant varieties. Different strains are identified by the predominant terpenes (essential oils which modulate the effects of cannabinoids) and cannabinoids (such as THC, CBD, CBN, CBG) in their genetics. We will carry a variety of sativa, indica and hybrid strains.

Topicals such as balms and patches is available in various ratios of THC and CBD for the analgesic properties of THC and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Topicals are a fast and effective way to treat joint and muscle pain, skin conditions, inflammation and soreness. The great thing about topicals is that they absorb into the affected area and bloodstream but do not breach the blood-brain barrier so they carry no psychoactivity just pain relief.

These products are filled with strain-specific concentrated cannabis oils and work quickly and effectively with less potential lung irritation than smoking. Cartridges and vaporizers is available in a variety of strains and ratios of THC and CBD. Cartridges will require a battery whereas disposable vaporizers are ready to use on their own. These are a fast and stealthy way to medicate.

Shatter, wax and live resin are some types of concentrate we may offer. Concentrate is vaporized in a rig or pen or can be smoked atop flower. It is a highly concentrated derivative of cannabis typically made by processing flower with solvents. Dabbing or vaporizing concentrate is a fast and effective way to medicate for higher tolerance patients.