Visit a Medical cannabis provider

Medical Cannabis Certification

Upon completion of your patient registration with MMCC, your next step is to get certified by a medical cannabis provider/physician.

Make an appointment with a Maryland Medical cannabis physician licensed to conduct a medical exam to determine if you have a qualifying condition. Your medical cannabis provider will discuss a general treatment plan with you, including the use of medical cannabis to alleviate the symptoms of your qualifying condition.

The physician will certify you with the state thereby completing the steps necessary for you to purchase cannabis at licensed dispensaries.

For more specific treatment plans detailing which cannabis products best suit your medical needs you can rely on the highly experienced Patient Advocates at Your Farmacy to tailor the right cannabis program for you.

What do I need to Know

Do I need to bring my Medical Records?
Bring relevant your medical records. If you need help obtaining your records most physicians can help. You simply sign a release form during your visit.

Will I get a prescription for medical cannabis?
Providers do not prescribe marijuana. A "prescription" is a specific, federally used term that requires a doctor to specify dosage and method of ingestion for a specific type of medicine. Providers do certify you with the state of Maryland as a medical cannabis patient eligible to purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary like Your Farmacy. Your Farmacy offers patient consultation by highly experience Patient Advocates who can advise specific cannabis products tailored to your medical needs.

What can expect when I visit the provider?
Upon arrival at the provider’s office or clinic, you must present a valid government issued photo ID with a Maryland address and provide your Maryland state Medical Marijuana ID. You will complete necessary paperwork, prior to meeting with the physician/provider. The provider will review your medical history, perform an examination and determine your eligibility for cannabis treatment.

Will they provide advice on treatment options, use as well as potential risks and side effects?
Upon arrival at the provider’s office or clinic, you must present your photo ID with a Maryland address and provide your Maryland state Medical cannabis ID. You will complete necessary paperwork and then meet with staff and the provider. You will definitely receive treatment options, instructions on use of cannabis along with information on potential risks and side effects.

List of Maryland Providers: Make an Appointment

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*Disclaimer YourFarmacy is not recommending or making any judgments regarding the background, expertise or capabilities of the physicians listed herein, The information regarding provider/physician name, addresses and phone numbers is provided solely to aid patients in their research and search for a provider/physician.